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Welcome to My MLM Funding

Get the seed capital you need to launch your MLM business and become the next raving success story in network marketing without debt or giving up equity!

1. Consult

The process begins when you complete the Charter Request Form either online or by phone. We then interview you and determine how much capital you'll need to launch and become operational.

2. Build

Using the results of your survey, we build a custom Charter Program specific to your company. Your Charter defines the benefits and privileges of membership and what it takes to participate.

3. Present

We then host a series of live presentations on your behalf to qualified Charter prospects. We dedicate the time and effort it takes to achieve our mutual goal: to hit your funding target.

4. Fund

The revenue you receive from the sale of your Charter is yours. Use it to hire staff, buy inventory, secure office space or create your website. You've got the money you need to launch your business.